YouTube is a massive platform, and there is no doubt about it. With five billion Youtube videos being watched all around the world, per day, we know that this social platform has a lot of potentials. The digital world has taken over, and there are innumerable ways to earn money through online mediums, and Youtube is one of them. It has a high potential when it comes to making money online. Thus, for anyone who wants to start their Youtube journey, we have summed up some basic and essential rules to follow. These will help you make money on Youtube and become the next famous thing on digital media.

Earn from Ads:

Earning through ads is one of the most primary ways to start earning money on Youtube. A lot of YouTubers choose this path. As a youtube partner, you can earn through ads on your videos or channel memberships. But it is not as easy as it might sound. For a partnership with Youtube, there are some basic ground rules to follow. To be able to earn through ads on Youtube, you must have 4000 hours of watch rate on your channel. Also, you must have at least 1000 subscribers too. Otherwise, you cannot start earning through ads. try the world best smm panel for boosting your watch hours rate.


Affiliate Links:

Affiliate marketing has gone up recently, and it is here to stay forever. This brings in a lot of opportunities for people to indulge in the digital world. You have a massive earning scale by promoting affiliate links. For this, you are required to post a detailed review of a product or service that you have used. And then you provide your viewers with a link in the description of that specific product or service. If your viewers buy through your provided link, you get a commission. Now, this might sound easier, but it isn’t very easy because you need to build a lot of trust in your audience. If they do not trust you, they won’t ever buy what you recommend. Thus, here is a simple rule to follow; create videos for services/products that are solving an issue for the audience. Also, be honest with your viewers because if they buy through your recommendation, and the product doesn’t turn out to be good, you are busted! 

Youtube SEO is CRUCIAL:

Youtube SEO is often ignored, but it is an important area to address if you want to earn high money on Youtube. It is a search engine, after all?! If you are unable to build a strong following on your channel, then it is probably because you have not paid attention to your Youtube SEO. For this, you need to do your keyword research and use high-value keywords in your Youtube video title, description, and video tags.


Earning money online has become a huge thing, and over time, it will only grow more. However, it is crucial to understand that it is not as easy as it seems. It is a time taking journey which requires a lot of effort and persistence, without an instant reward. If you are looking for rules or ways to make money on Youtube, then we have provided you with the three most basic ones. The world of Youtube is infinite, and there is a lot to explore so good luck!